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>> Anyone who doubts the accuracy, legitimacy, etc. of pool services should 
>> be able to purchase a GPS timing receiver and get the time from "the 
>> horse's mouth".  The investment required is about $100 US at a minimum.
> Even less - US $34 now....

He did say a "timing receiver". That could mean a GPS receiver
specifically set up to supply time, including an on board temp
insensitive crystal to supply the time if the sattelite availability
goes to low. 
Also it is $42 since you need to receive it, unless you happen to be
visiting Hong Kong. 
And then you have to solder a few wires onto surface mount pins. 

>   http://www.sureelectronics.net/goods.php?id=99
>   http://www.satsignal.eu/ntp/Sure-GPS.htm
> Cheers,
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