[ntp:questions] Windows time question.

Rob nomail at example.com
Sat Apr 23 08:16:31 UTC 2011

David J Taylor <david-taylor at blueyonder.co.uk.invalid> wrote:
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>> He did say a "timing receiver". That could mean a GPS receiver
>> specifically set up to supply time, including an on board temp
>> insensitive crystal to supply the time if the sattelite availability
>> goes to low.
> .. and I don't think that the US $100 GPS 18x LVC claims to have that.
>> Also it is $42 since you need to receive it, unless you happen to be
>> visiting Hong Kong.
>> And then you have to solder a few wires onto surface mount pins.
> .. but you don't need to pay US $100.  Oh, and you do need to solder with 
> the GPS 18X LVC as well.
> Personally, I am delighted with the choice of GPS/PPS receivers now 
> available at very affordable prices, and welcome the choice.  "You pays 
> your money and takes your choice".

Why is this irrelevant discussion started every time some topic is
being discyssed in this newsgroup?
It does not matter what the initial question is, what problem someone
tries to solve, what requirements he has, what limitations he may have,
what possibilities there are in solving the issue at hand, there is
always someone who brings up the #$%^@$@ GPS receiver and starts boasting
the price it may be acquired for.

Please people, please grow up.

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