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Sat Apr 23 15:16:20 UTC 2011

On 4/23/2011 4:16 AM, Rob wrote:
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>>> He did say a "timing receiver". That could mean a GPS receiver
>>> specifically set up to supply time, including an on board temp
>>> insensitive crystal to supply the time if the sattelite availability
>>> goes to low.
>> .. and I don't think that the US $100 GPS 18x LVC claims to have that.
>>> Also it is $42 since you need to receive it, unless you happen to be
>>> visiting Hong Kong.
>>> And then you have to solder a few wires onto surface mount pins.
>> .. but you don't need to pay US $100.  Oh, and you do need to solder with
>> the GPS 18X LVC as well.
>> Personally, I am delighted with the choice of GPS/PPS receivers now
>> available at very affordable prices, and welcome the choice.  "You pays
>> your money and takes your choice".
> Why is this irrelevant discussion started every time some topic is
> being discyssed in this newsgroup?
> It does not matter what the initial question is, what problem someone
> tries to solve, what requirements he has, what limitations he may have,
> what possibilities there are in solving the issue at hand, there is
> always someone who brings up the #$%^@$@ GPS receiver and starts boasting
> the price it may be acquired for.
> Please people, please grow up.

Physician, heal thy self!

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