[ntp:questions] Windows time question.

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Sat Apr 23 19:17:55 UTC 2011

In article <iooo7b$m3b$1 at dont-email.me>, david-
taylor at blueyonder.co.uk.invalid says...
> > Hi David.  Long time no speak.
> Oops, I missed the callsign!  Hope all is well.
> > I'd ordinarily love to, but this is the works machine I carry arround
> > places etc.   Our illustrious IT droids have no interest in this, other
> > than to "Flatten" the machine and re-install the OS.   Anything outside
> > the normal "Office" apps and "regular" OS issues, they have no knowlege
> > of.   Heck, I've fixed more IT problems round here than they ever will,
> > (but I don't go near the office server!)
> >
> > Cheers.
> >
> > DaveB.
> I might even take the view that "your illustrious IT droids" aren't doing 
> their job properly if they aren't taking an interest in timekeeping to the 
> extent of replacing W32Time by NTP in their standard install procedure! 
> <G>  Perhaps timestamps of actions aren't critical your organisation.  I 
> hope you may be able to convince them in due course.
> Having said that, I've not seen W32Time causing a crash, but my first step 
> might be to rename the appropriate branches of the registry to try and 
> make W32Time recreate them from scratch.
> 73,
> David 

Hi All...

It was a "clash" between XP's own W32Time, and National Instruments own 
Time serving/discovering component.  That in turn got into the mix, 
after updating one of our principles sorftware products, that in turn 
blindly uptated all the installed NI stuff too.

As their program *Needs* to use the NI thing, for now W32Time has been 
nobbled, and stability is resumed.   I will be creating a batch file to 
invoke something at boot time, to prompt me to select what to use.

I'm doing some sw work needing the NI drivers at the moment, but much of 
the time I can live without them (and recover 100's of MB ram too!)

Thanks for the pointers people, and the snippets of info re the pool 



PS: Re the IT droids and doing their job.   They were hired because they 
are cheap, need I say more...   One of them cant even get into the 
building unless someone opens the door for him.  So funny to watch...
And the company trusts them with our server?  Hmmmmmm....

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