[ntp:questions] ntpd failed to start on Debian Squeeze

Thomas Wildgruber excpronto at web.de
Tue Apr 26 12:49:44 UTC 2011

Hi Group,

if I try to start ntpd (1:4.2.6.p2+dfsg-1+b1) by using the init script on a
Debian Squeeze system the daemon faild to start with the message
"ntpd[30387]: Cannot find user ID 107" in "/var/log/syslog".

If I remove ntpd with the aptitude purge command the user ntp become
removed too. If I install ntpd the user ntp become added and the command
"getent passwd ntp | cut -f 3,4 -d:" returns with a valid answer (107:110).

Can someone say something about the reasons or what's going wrong on this

Thx in advance & Bye Tom
"Ich weiß nicht, was der französische Staatspräsident Mitterand denkt, aber
ich denke dasselbe." (Helmut Kohl)

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