[ntp:questions] NTP server with no network, no GPS signal

Cristian Seres cristian-2 at contrasec.fi
Fri Apr 29 11:10:58 UTC 2011


I am looking for a solution to install an NTP server in a very 
restricted network which can not be connected to other networks even 
through a firewall because of strict security policy. RS232 and usb are 
ok. Using GPS or DCF77 reference clocks would require a long antenna 
wire to get signal. Installing the antenna cable would be expensive, but 
there is good LAN cabling between a space with good GPS signal and the 
room with high security.

What kind of cheap solutions would you think of? For instance, is it 
possible to feed time signal from one NTP server to another via 
RS232/usb? Or is there an affordable usb/rs232 reference clock which has 
an IP based separate antenna unit?

With best regards,

Cristian Seres

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