[ntp:questions] Beginner needs help...

Robert Hegner robert.hegner at hsr.ch
Tue Mar 1 07:10:00 UTC 2011

Thanks Chris and Dave for your answers.

I think I should give some more information about the computer I want to 
use as time server. This computer has two network interfaces. One is for 
the mentionned local network and using the other one it is connected to 
the company network and internet.

My first attempt was to synchronize this computer to a set of public 
time servers. This didn't work because this system synchronizes its time 
with the domain, and domain policies do not allow the NTP service to set 
the time. This is why I changed the config file of to use 
the local clock (and therefore the domain time) as reference. Isn't this 
the same situation as if I used a radio clock as a reference on this system?

So since I want the same time on all three computers and since I cannot 
modify the clock of, it was the obvious solution for me to 
use that computer as the (single) time server in my setup.

Would my setup work better if only I used WinXP on, or is 
using the domain time as a reference a bad idea anyway? (I don't know 
what mechanism is used to synchronize my computer to the domain time, 
and I don't know what the reference for the domain time is...).


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