[ntp:questions] Beginner needs help...

David Woolley david at ex.djwhome.demon.invalid
Mon Mar 7 08:18:57 UTC 2011

Robert Hegner wrote:

> Can W32time act as a server for the Meinberg NTP version on my other 
> computers? Is there a special configuration needed for this to work? 
> With my unmodified config files on and, these 
> computers don't reach a time server on

Modern versions of w32time can be configured to comply with the NTP 
specification (I'm not sure if you have to force version 3 on the 
client), and will therefore work as servers to compliant clients, like 
the reference implementation that you are using.  A lot of registry 
settings need changing for compliance.  Your group policy may wipe them!

Tolerably recent versions of ntpd can be configured to work with older 
versions of w32time.

However, Microsoft have a policy that you must pay for server for it to 
act as a server, so I'm not sure if the w32time on a workstation machine 
can actually be enabled to serve time.
> I could live with +-10ms. But less would be better...

You must get the group policy changed. 10ms used to be impossible for 
Windows.  I think it is now possible, but not with the default w32time 
polling interval.

PS  Next time you ask a question on a forum, precis the full problem 
statement in the subject.

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