[ntp:questions] Beginner needs help...

David Woolley david at ex.djwhome.demon.invalid
Mon Mar 7 08:04:34 UTC 2011

Chris Albertson wrote:
> On Mon, Feb 28, 2011 at 11:10 PM, Robert Hegner <robert.hegner at hsr.ch> wrote:
>  domain policies do not allow the NTP service to set the time.
> That needs to be fixed.  Kill the service that sets the time.  NTP can
> not coexist with another program that sets the local clock.

Yes it can, but only as a server, which is how this system is 
configured.  That, I believe, was the orginal purpose of the local clock 
driver, rather than to distribute completely unsynchonised time.  Of 
course, for NTP to work well, the server clock needs to be disciplined 
as well as ntpd would do, in particular without steps.

The fact that there is a non-NTP time source is a key piece of 
information that shouldn't have been missed.

However, I thought that modern Windows used SNTP to synchronize times 
within a domain, which would mean that w32time was running.  That would 
cause a conflict for port 123 and I'm surprised that ntpd would even start.

> A simple option is to find and old PC some place, maybe a dumpster and
> install BSD UNIX on it and run the NTP server on that.  And old 486 or
> Pentium I is more than fast enough.  In fact you don't  need a PC.
> Some older Linksys routers with ARM processors will work.

That would mean that his root node would be on domain time and his other 
nodes would be on true time.

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