[ntp:questions] Beginner needs help...

Harlan Stenn stenn at ntp.org
Mon Mar 7 09:28:49 UTC 2011

David wrote:

> > 
> > The configuration file for contains the following two lines:
> > server
> > fudge stratum 1
> This stratum is considered bad practice.  If the machine had actually 
> been having its clock disciplined externally to true UTC time, the 
> stratum 6 in the sample configuration files would be reasonable.  If, as 
> is actually the case, it is free running, the stratum should be set to 
> the highest number that actually works, to limit the ability of the 
> system to damage the time keeping on machines that do have a proper time 
> source.

2 less than the normal disciplined stratum...


And orphan mode is better than the undisciplined local clock, if that is


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