[ntp:questions] UK report on GPS vulnerabilities seems to overlook NTP

Uwe Klein uwe_klein_habertwedt at t-online.de
Tue Mar 8 18:57:58 UTC 2011

Jan Ceuleers wrote:
> On 08/03/11 19:39, unruh wrote:
>> And exactly what is that difference? While ntp is perhaps too slow to
>> respond to local frequency changes, how do you see the difference
>> between keeping a computer's idea of local time accurate from keeping a
>> telecom's idea of local time accurate?
> GPS is used not only for navigation and time-of-day synchronisation, but 
> also as a source of frequency signals for use by synchronous (e.g. SDH) 
> or plesiosynchronous (e.g. PDH) networks.
> Jan

I was really surprised when this came up recently.

No GPS seems to kill any CDMA mobile networks.
GSM isn't affected at all.

How masochistic must one be to do telco infrastructure in such
a haphazard way?


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