[ntp:questions] Flash 400 on all peers; can't get ntpd to be happy

Uwe Klein uwe_klein_habertwedt at t-online.de
Thu Mar 10 09:26:02 UTC 2011

Dave Hart wrote:
> On Wed, Mar 9, 2011 at 20:24 UTC, Chuck Swiger <cswiger at mac.com> wrote:
>  I'm sure programs can detect virtualization, but the point is
> VoIP softswitches do care about latency and probably about system
> clock jitter, another example alongside the lvm approach demonstrating
> VM timekeeping can be respectable, it's all about the particular
> virtualization software and its integration with guest OSes.
My impression was that VM is very good at aggregating
systems with low utilisation.
The reason for Linux Clockless mod : avoid uneccesary churn.

With a hammer in your hand every problem is a nail.

So the unix solution to problems is quite often
slapping on another layer of indirection.

VMs are that. But is not a universal solution.

What actually happened to the idea of different users ;-)


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