[ntp:questions] Flash 400 on all peers; can't get ntpd to be happy

Parvin, Richard richard.parvin at hp.com
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I run Symmetricom S300.  I would like to use Sysplex to manage the time on my mainframes.  Could someone point me to some documentation?  Thank you. Richard

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Ralph wrote:
> The VM technology being used in the this case is
>  Microsoft's Virtual Server (which is the server version
>  of Virtual PC) and the predecessor to Hyper-V.

So, you are trying to run
  on CentOS (v ?)
   in a Microsoft's Virtual Server (2005 ?)
    on windows 2008?

Microsoft & CentOS would clearly be the places to ask about
 your unique needs.

A little research shows REHL (where CENTOS is ripped off from)
 has several recommendations depending on the version of REHL
 of kernel parameters that need to be set to get NTP to
 run properly on REHL in a VM.

disable_lost_ticks, clock=pmtmr, divider=10, clocksource=acpi_pm, ...

 They also recommend
  tinker panic 0 # Must be at the top of the ntp.conf file
  server # Whatever the IP of the host OS is as seen by virtual OS
  # Make sure the firewall permits NTP between the virtual OS and the host OS
  # disable CPU power management

M$ seems to have notes on the subject, among them:


M$ seems say they have solved it in Hyper-V:
Linux Integration Services
 Timesync: The clock inside the virtual machine will
  remain synchronized with the clock on the host.

I think you have your solution.

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