[ntp:questions] Is a Spectracom Netclock/2 worth saving?

David L. Mills mills at udel.edu
Fri Mar 11 13:44:31 UTC 2011


All the Spectracom WWVB and GPS receivers use the same serial protocol; 
I have had one or more of these things running for almost 30 years. The 
Netclock/2 is useless without its ferrite-stick loop antenna, and even 
then the rising noise pollution due to the noisy electrical grid and 
machine room UPS systems have rendered any WWVB receiver essentially 
useless. An ironic fact is that my WWV receivers now outperform the wwvb 
receivers and both are much inferior to a GPS receiver. Considering the 
sometimes difficult problem of finding rooftop real estate for a GPS 
antenna, a CDMA receiver, such as the EndRun CNTP, might be now the 
easiest to deploy.


Rick Jones wrote:

>So, in a local "on its way to its final reward" pile I have come
>across a Spectracom Netclock/2 and am wondering whether it might be
>worth saving from the scrap heap.  It does power-up and shows a time.
>Unsurprisingly I suppose since it has no antenna connected and I'm in
>an office building, the Antenna, Signal and Time Sync LEDs light red
>rick jones

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