[ntp:questions] 64-bit serialpps.sys despite unsigned?

Dave Hart hart at ntp.org
Wed Mar 16 16:19:30 UTC 2011

The .zip file with the 32-bit serialpps.sys also has Itanium and x64
versions built, which are to the best of my knowledge (a) untested and
(b) likely to work just fine as the changes from the original
serial.sys are quite minor, and I doubt serial.sys in later Windows
versions has changed much.  I believe the serial.sys source is from
circa Vista, but I would say the same about XP/2003 era sources.

With Windows XP and Server 2003, 64-bit versions refuse to load
unsigned kernel drivers (.sys files which are kernel-mode DLLs).  I
gather some 32-bit systems require signed drivers since Vista.  Trying
to understand the feasibility of defeating that restriction, I came


Which apparently allows ongoing, hands-off use of unsigned drivers
after initial setup.  I am curious to hear from anyone who tries it
with serialpps.sys and ntpd on Windows.

Dave Hart


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