[ntp:questions] new driver development

Bruce Lilly bruce.lilly at gmail.com
Thu Mar 17 10:37:50 UTC 2011

I'm preparing a POSIX shared memory driver (PSHM) for ntp to address a
few issues that exist with the present SHM driver.  In no particular
order, these are:

 o POSIX (not SVID) shared memory

   -- POSIX shared memory namespace rather than hexadecimal constant
   -- avoids 0x4e545030 [...] Big units will give non-ascii
   -- provides ample namespace size for ridiculously huge numbers of
      units w/o obfuscation

 o nanoseconds, not microseconds

   -- resolution compatible with bulk of the ntp reference
   -- using POSIX struct timespec
   -- client compatibility with POSIX clock_gettime()

 o per-unit configurable source type (a.k.a. class)

   -- unlike present SHM driver, which treats all units as identical
      and unconfigurable
   -- currently UHF; wrong for everything else
   -- was TELEPHONE; wrong for everything else

 o per-unit PPS flag

   -- permits shared memory PPS drivers

 o POSIX-comforming code

   -- no attempt to work around buggy (non-POSIX-conforming) systems!

 o separate header file to simplify client code

   -- shared memory structure clearly defined and well-documented

 o source code/header version strings for use by what(1) or ident(1)

   -- for facilitation of bug reporting, version verification, daemon-
      client campatibility checks

 o client/driver run-time implementation/compatibility tests

   -- integer and pointer sizes
   -- endianness

 o no dead code

   -- e.g. SHM driver "nsamples"-related cruft

 o provision in shared memory to specify (variable part of) clockstats

   -- client can control clockstats format and content (and frequency
      of logging)
   -- can be different for each unit

 o POSIX mutex for synchronized access to shared memory for updates

   -- obviates mode 0 / mode 1 / OLDWAY

Comments and suggestions are welcome.

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