[ntp:questions] once 'ntpd' stops, does the drift file value continue to get used for clock adjustments?

Gautam Thaker gautam.h.thaker at lmco.com
Thu Mar 17 22:09:49 UTC 2011

I have a stable drift value on my fedora 12 node and everything is
running well. (offsets are well below 1msec). If I now stop 'ntpd'
will my time start to drift relative to the 'correct time' by the PPM
value in the drift file? Or is it that ntpd has already set things up
so that corrections as per last value of drift file will continue
indefinitely? If it is the latter and if indeed my drift value is
quite good (as ntpd had run for many days already), it seems I can go
for many more days w/o ntpd and not get very much out of sync at all.

Any comments welcome. Thanks.


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