[ntp:questions] ANN: UK GPS jamming exercises 10-21 July 2011

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> Folks,
> I have received the following announcement:
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> The MoD has informed Ofcom of the following GPS jamming exercise:
> Dates: Jamming will be conducted on a maximum of 3 week-days in the period
> 10-21 July 2011.Times: 0900 -1730 BST.
> Location: Jamming aircraft will orbit at 10,000ft above mean sea-level
> (AMSL) along a 50nm flightpath on a heading of 270 T from Kirkwall,
> starting 10nm to the west of Kirkwall and ending 60nm to the west of
> Kirkwall
> Possible areas affected: The GPS jamming is likely to affect civilian
> Standard Positioning Service (SPS) receivers over a large area. A minimum
> jammer to signal vulnerability of 30dB has been assumed for a civilian
> receiver.  Signal theory suggests that a SPS civilian receiver should have
> approximately 32dB of jamming resistance.
> Safety of Life Operations: Safety of life operations will take precedence
> over exercise activities at all times.  To this end, the AWC is open to
> further discussion with any official recipient on the potential
> implications of this jamming exercise.
> ___________________________________________________
> (Contact telephone numbers removed)
> David

This maybe a silly question but why? why is the MOD jamming GPS? so
russian migs can't sneak in under the radar? they realise its not 1982

gps jammer

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