[ntp:questions] Odd offset for PPS DCD w/ Garmin GPS 18x LVC

lellis larry.ellis at gmail.com
Thu Mar 24 02:19:46 UTC 2011

Well, I have used the ever-faithful binary search on the Windows
builds to try to find where the strange offset introduced itself.

The first build to show the odd offset (between NMEA and PPS ATOM) is

4.2.7p23 seems to behave normally.

The offset difference between PPS and NMEA is about 125 ms  (e.g. NMEA
-10, PPS +115) on 4.2.7.p24, on p23 the offsets of the two drivers are
about the same.

Again, I am using the older Garmin firmware, v3.20.  I am not
particulaly keen to move to a different firmware version because this
version is working well, but I'll be happy to test any new builds on
this firmware, if helpful.


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