[ntp:questions] Secure NTP

David L. Mills mills at udel.edu
Thu Mar 24 20:11:01 UTC 2011


In principle, NTP Autokey can use certificates generated by OpenSSL or 
by other certificate authorities (CA); however, there are some very 
minor details with these certificates, including the sequence number and 
use of the X.500 extension fields. Ideally, the CA would run the Autokey 
protocol and serve as the TH itself, which would be consistent with the 
TC model. Absent that, the choice is to use the certificates generated 
by the ntp-keygen program.

Yessica wrote:

>I am installing an NTP server, but requires authentication for that
>clients can be synchronized with the server, and also that
>authentication should be with public and private keys. Let me know if
>I can work with certificates issued by any authority or can only use
>the certificates generated by the ntp-keygen.
>Thank you very much!
>I hope you can answer.
>PS: I'm working with ntp v4
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