[ntp:questions] new driver development

Dave Hart hart at ntp.org
Mon Mar 28 04:56:24 UTC 2011

There has been lively discussion on hackers at lists.ntp.org and
gpsd-dev at lists.berlios.de (both of which have mailman archives on the
obvious URLs) about an improved shared memory layout and access regime.

It hasn't come up there, but I've been thinking about backwards
compatibility in an updated refclock_shm which supports the existing SysV
shared memory, struct shmTime, and access methods for units 0-3, and uses
POSIX named shared memory with new layout and access semantics for units 4
and up.

I encourage you to join hackers at lists.ntp.org and/or create a bug report at
http://bugs.ntp.org/ and share what you've done, if you want to see some
part of it make it into an updated refclock_shm.c.

Dave Hart

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