[ntp:questions] new driver development

Uwe Klein uwe_klein_habertwedt at t-online.de
Mon Mar 28 08:59:00 UTC 2011

Rob wrote:
> Bruce Lilly <bruce.lilly at gmail.com> wrote:
>>Endianness (and more generally byte order) are of concern for precisely 
>>the same reasons.
> This is not relevant in the case of shared memory, as long as the
> memory is not shared between processors of different endianess.
> For the scope of this driver, we can safely assume it isn't.  Those
> that have constructed a system where one processor is writing the
> shared memory, and a different endianess processor is running the
> ntpd, are probably able to write their own software to handle it.

The only even remotely relevant platform imho is ARM

But you are right, it should not be a problem for
properly written and source distributed software.

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