[ntp:questions] UK - GPS Jamming update

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Thu Mar 31 21:03:49 UTC 2011

unruh wrote:
> I think this is a really bad idea. It conveys the
>  impression that it is OK to jam GPS-- "Even the government
>  thinks it is OK to jam GPS." This removes the (admittedly
>  possibly small) moral argument that it is bad to jam GPS
>  because of the harm it could do.
> This says "Taking GPS off the air for 18 hours is fine".

It is more than just that, some of the tests involve
 not just jamming, but faking the GPS information,
 so the e.g. military ships will get coordinates
 that are not where they really are, to prove their
 mitigation techniques e.g. eLoran will help them
 detect, and ignore the false position / navigation
 and timing data from their GPS recievers.

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