[ntp:questions] Windows time question.

kbv g8kbv at mail4trash.com
Thu May 5 19:24:08 UTC 2011

In article <ippj86$ldg$1 at dont-email.me>, david-
taylor at blueyonder.co.uk.invalid says...
> How critical is your time need?  If it's within minutes, then the PC's 
> clock is likely good enough.  If it's in the UK or Europe, I would be 
> surprised if pool servers did not get you well within the second 
> perhaps 
> within 100msec - particularly if you set the servers based on the 
> country 
> you're in.  I suspect that if you need closer than tens of 
> milliseconds, 
> carrying round a GPS 18x LVC (which I jokingly suggested) may actually 
> be 
> necessary.  NTP was designed when connections were nothing like as 
> good as 
> they are now, and is supposedly robust in those circumstances.  It is 
> designed for 24-hours operation, though.
> 73,
> David 

Not that accurate, within a second for what I need when traveling for 
work.   But I often as not find the last choice of server(s) 
problematical, for some odd reason.  Many hotel internet seems to be 
tunneled somewhere else, before it gets out to the wider www, with all 
the hidden latency and filtering etc.

I did try synching with the office server via VPN, but that didn't work 
either.  When I can get a vpn (one of three choices) up and working that 
is.  Many hotels prevent vpn usage too!

I guess, I could dive into the laptop, and find out why it's cmos clock 
keeps drifting as much as it does.



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