[ntp:questions] Windows time question.

David J Taylor david-taylor at blueyonder.co.uk.invalid
Fri May 6 04:14:01 UTC 2011

> I've been to some hotels in po-dunk (whatever the colloquial
> slang is) Europe;  Wi-Fi via Sat to ISP to internet,
> over utilized, high latency, really low bandwidth, ...
> I've had colleagues in the middle of the South American
>  jungle on similar corporate setups at base camps for new
>  oil refineries.
>  High bandwidth things like Adobe Flash Video will hog all
>   their bandwidth, causing a lynch mob to hunt for the offender.
>   Nothing like trickling Megs of firmware / software updates
>    over something that makes analog dial-up modems look
>    good sometimes.
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Very interesting.  How well did NTP work in those circumstances?  I had 
the impression that NTP was designed to handle such links rather well.


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