[ntp:questions] orphan mode

Frank Alsop fealsop at yahoo.com
Tue May 17 18:57:39 UTC 2011

   We have a relatively small network and are trying to use ntp peering and 
orphan mode and I have a couple of questions.  I have read the info at
but I am having trouble figuring out the correct "tos orphan" statement we 
should use.

We have a time source at stratum 1.
We have 4 "peers" at stratum 2
We have multiple nodes at stratum 3
We have multiple nodes at stratum 4

So, in our ntp.conf file for the 4 stratum 2 "peered" nodes, we have "tos orphan 
4".  At the website referred to above, we could infer that we need to use "tos 
orphan 5".  What stratum should we use in our orphan statement?

Also, we are using 4.2.4p7.  At the following website, you could infer that we 
need a newer rev of ntp.

This page seems to indicate we need at least 4.2.5p101, but at least to me, 
isn't perfectly clear.

thanks for your help,


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