[ntp:questions] /etc/rc: WARNING: $ntpdate_enable is not set properly - see rc.conf(5)

W. D. WD at US-Webmasters.com
Fri Nov 18 20:16:37 UTC 2011

At 04:43 11/18/2011, Uwe Klein wrote:
>Martin Burnicki wrote:

>>>  ntpdate_enable="NO"
>>>What's wrong with that?
>> Hm, nothing is wrong, as far as I can see.
>> I'm also running a machine with FreeBSD 8.2 release here, have added that
>> line, rebooted, and there's no such error or warning.
>> Maybe there's a syntax error in an ealier line in your rc.conf file?
>> Martin
>What about a line like:
>later in rc.conf? ( or some other included file )

Thanks Martin & Uwe.

I ran dos2unix on /etc/rc.conf and that took
out some CRLFs that nano apparently couldn't get
rid of.

Also made sure to comment out:

  # xntpd_enable="YES"

and put in:


so that NTP would start properly on boot up.

Thanks again for your help.

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