[ntp:questions] on ubuntu OS looking at open files

horus horus at sonic.net
Mon Nov 21 19:03:31 UTC 2011

ntpd      12527    ntp   16u     IPv4          701107082       0t0 
UDP *:ntp
ntpd      12527    ntp   17u     IPv6          701107083       0t0 
UDP *:ntp
ntpd      12527    ntp   18u     IPv4          701107089       0t0 
UDP localhost.localdomain:ntp
ntpd      12527    ntp   19u     IPv4          701107090       0t0 
UDP blah.blah:ntp
ntpd      12527    ntp   20u     IPv6          701107091       0t0 
UDP [fe80::7a2b:cbff:fe43:3ed2]:ntp
ntpd      12527    ntp   21u     IPv6          701107092       0t0 
UDP 2607.f0d0.2001.000a.0000.0000.0000.0010-static.officeirc.com:ntp 
what the heck is this entry????
ntpd      12527    ntp   22u     IPv6          701107093       0t0 
UDP localhost6.localdomain6:ntp 

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