[ntp:questions] Garmin GPS 18 LVC suddenly not syncing, leap?

Pete Ashdown pashdown at xmission.com
Tue Nov 22 02:55:49 UTC 2011

Dave Hart <davehart at gmail.com> writes:

>> I'm getting a >1000ms offset for the GPS vs offnet clocks:
>> Would it be advisable to do "time2 1.600" to compensate or is there a bet=
>> way to do this?

>Well, I'd try it.  I'd also suggest ensuring you're using the 3.70
>firmware if it is a 18x first.  Fudging time2 to get the initial
>offset shown by the NMEA before it engages PPS within 400 msec of the
>network peers should ensure the PPS is associated with the correct UTC

It is working for the most part now.  PPS locking is hit and miss.  I don't
know why.

>used instead of the NMEA end-of-line timestamps, a few polls after
>startup.  Please be sure ntpq --version shows 4.2.6p5 as well.

It does.

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