[ntp:questions] Consequences of orphan mode enabled at startup

rumegauu at ugpa.ru rumegauu at ugpa.ru
Fri Dec 7 08:33:46 UTC 2012

Why does a ntp server (with "tos orphan" enabled) start answering requests before all existing peers are checked for availability? Is there any good reason?
Peoples have to make workarounds to avoid such behavior. But while the workarounds are relatively easy in linux (just call ntpd -q or ntpdate at boot and you have it fixed), at windows/meinberg you had to set that stuff as scheduled tasks or as custom windows service or in some other awful way...
How do you deal with is? I mean a configuration like below:

server ntp.mydomain.ru true iburst prefer minpoll 6 maxpoll 10
tos orphan 6
tos maxdist 3
tinker panic 0

If you set it on a windows machine and reboot, the time would be broken for about 10 minutes after startup. And what is more, the bad time would be provided across the LAN.

How it can be avoided? Switching off tos orphan doesn't fit my requirements..

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