[ntp:questions] Win7: ntpd adjusting time backwards

David Taylor david-taylor at blueyonder.co.uk.invalid
Sun Dec 9 19:17:35 UTC 2012

On 09/12/2012 17:59, Jeroen Mostert wrote:
> Yeah, no. I categorically refuse to "upgrade" my OS (at a non-zero cost)
> and then "install some extra stuff" just to make it *acceptable* again.
> That's just insane. I guess if you need the new features in Windows 8,
> it might be worth considering the time and effort, but at present I know
> of no such features. The increased clock accuracy isn't one.
> I'm waiting for Windows NT 6.3, or 7.0, whatever the marketing name ends
> up being. If that still has Metro, I'll see how I'll compensate. But I'm
> hoping it won't.
> I work for a Windows shop with too much money and too little time. It's
> going to be a spare server we had lying around; suggesting folks get
> enthusiastic with hardware that's not from Dell isn't going to fly. :-)
> So the Raspberry Pi is out, and upgrading to a stratum 1 only if there's
> a demonstrable need.
> This is all basically a spare time effort from me, to enable more
> accurate performance analysis of cross-server events. It's not exactly
> mission critical, but nice to have. There was a significant period of
> time where we had no time syncing whatsoever, and we only started to run
> into problems when one machine was 19 seconds off from actual time. I
> then configured w32time on all machines, but w32time is not particularly
> robust. Microsoft itself admits it's just there to make sure Kerberos
> doesn't completely fail, and as long as it keeps time within 5 minutes
> from a domain controller they don't care. I'm now at a point where I
> think machines deviating from each other for more than 10 ms is
> annoying, so that won't do anymore.
> Statistics like those would be more than acceptable for my purposes.
> Your worst stats would be good enough for me.
> It's actually going to be far heavier than is necessary, but I'm
> confident it'll get the job done.

I'm on a subscription for the Windows OS, and many of my customers are 
now upgrading to WIndows-8, or buying new PCs woth that OS, so I really 
have no choice to invest.  Windows-7 is a fine OS for general purpose 
work and, if asked, I don't see any need for folk to upgrade.  In fact 
Windows XP has many advantages as a lighter-weight OS than Win-7.

Of course, if you have a Dell spare box, use that.  Linux or FreeBSD.  I 
used to be in a similar job myself, and actually introduced my branch of 
the company to NTP, which we used on both Windows and UNIX boxes.  We 
were a DEC shop, but whether we ever got round to NTP on VMS I don't 
recall.  I do recall Spring and Autumn events involving time, so perhaps 
we did not.

My aim is to be within 1 millisecond, as the events my systems record 
have a resolution of 1 ms.  It's nice, but not essential, to be able to 
correlate events across four separate satellite data reception systems.

Glad the stats were of some help, and glad to have had the chat.
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