[ntp:questions] Implementing NTP in a legacy system

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Wed Dec 12 21:49:10 UTC 2012

unruh wrote:
> I do not think any of these are an answer to his problem.
> He has two computers A and B. A's clock is disciplined
>  by some other program, but he wants to use ntpd on B
>  to discipline B's clock and to get the time from A.
> Thus A has to act as an ntp server, but he cannot use
>  ntpd to discipline the system clock on A.

 I thought that he wanted to make the
  "Gateway" sync to the old proprietary source,
  and the "Gateway" to then provide NTP to other clients.

  Perhaps by writing a SHM driver for the "Gateway"
   to convert from the proprietary time source protocol,
   to a refclock the "Gateway" NTP could sync to?

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