[ntp:questions] Implementing NTP in a legacy system

unruh unruh at invalid.ca
Wed Dec 12 22:35:14 UTC 2012

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> unruh wrote:
> ...
>> I do not think any of these are an answer to his problem.
>> He has two computers A and B. A's clock is disciplined
>>  by some other program, but he wants to use ntpd on B
>>  to discipline B's clock and to get the time from A.
>> Thus A has to act as an ntp server, but he cannot use
>>  ntpd to discipline the system clock on A.
> Hmm;
>  I thought that he wanted to make the
>   "Gateway" sync to the old proprietary source,
>   and the "Gateway" to then provide NTP to other clients.
>   Perhaps by writing a SHM driver for the "Gateway"
>    to convert from the proprietary time source protocol,
>    to a refclock the "Gateway" NTP could sync to?

I believe that "Gateway" IS the old proprietary source. Ie, gateway 
somehow (he has not told us how) has a proprietary way of disciplining 
its system clock from something (we know not what). We do not know even
 what operating system gateway 
runs. He now wants gateway to be an ntp time source for a bunch of other
machines. The ntp server on gateway cannot be used to discipline the
gateway system
clock. All it can do is read that clock, and serve that time to other 
computers via ntp.

As I said in response to his original post, it is not very clear either
what he has nor what he wants, as is evidenced by the wide variety of 
interpretations of what he wants and needs.


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