[ntp:questions] Win7: ntpd adjusting time backwards

David Woolley david at ex.djwhome.demon.invalid
Thu Dec 13 08:08:22 UTC 2012

Jeroen Mostert wrote:

> negatively affect performance of the host (which makes sense, since 
> driving all virtuals with 1000 interrupts/sec can't be easy). Even so, 

You wouldn't expect 1ms ticks.  You might get 20 ticks back to back, and 
then a gap of 20ms, or even larger numbers.  VMs generally only get a 
virtual 1 second per second as a long term average.

There has been conflicting advice on running ntpd on VMs, but I suspect 
the current advice to run it is an easy way of getting coarse timing 
right.  Fine timing should use the host timing and any special VM 
support for the OS.

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