[ntp:questions] Win7: ntpd adjusting time backwards

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Fri Dec 14 00:49:38 UTC 2012

David Woolley wrote:> BlackLists wrote:
>> That Precision is supposed to represent the time it takes
>>   to read the system clock.
> It is the smallest non-zero difference between two readings
>   of the clock.  If the clock is very high resolution,
>   it may be close to the time to read the clock.
>  If the clock is low resolution, it is determined by the
>   resolution of the clock.
>>  So whatever that is, you shouldn't expect a application
>>   to be able to "get time" more often.
> If the clock can only be read to 10ms (no interpolation)
>  you can expect multiple reads.

... without the timestamp changing though.

I guess I could have worded it better.

 Whatever ntpq -c "rv 0 precision" returns;
  an application is unlikely to be able to get "changing"
  timestamps at any higher rate.


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