[ntp:questions] A proposal to use NIC launch time support to improve NTP

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Tue Dec 18 20:41:27 UTC 2012

Ulf Samuelsson wrote:
> In my proposal, I add a new flag to "socket.c:sendto".
> While the launchtime is proposed to configurable using
>  Kconfig, this adds a small performance penalty to every
>  other packet sent over Ethernet.
> An alternative would be to extend the kernel with a new
>  syscall, which would not impose a penalty to "sendto".
> Then "sendto" would not be burdened with "launchtime"
>  which for most applications is unneeded.
> I do have a feeling that proposing adding syscall's
>  is not the easy route forward.

Isn't it already supported in kernels 2.6.30 and above?

I'd start by looking at how the 1588 PTP group is already
 supporting the features of those Ethernet MACs.
  {82576, 82580, i210, i211, i350 ? and perhaps
    IXP46X, 82574, 82575, 80579, 82599 ?}

I think TI also has a chip with similar features?

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