[ntp:questions] Clock Offset

David Woolley david at ex.djwhome.demon.invalid
Sat Dec 22 10:55:11 UTC 2012

Mischanko, Edward T wrote:

> Thank you for your reply. This certainly explains the differences,
***> but this would seem to raise another question. Any correction
***> in frequency would have to come from the most current average
***> of offsets, not the last 8? Otherwise, how can NTP keep up
***> with the changes in a high jitter situation?

If the offset is changing quickly, it reduces the poll interval, so that 
  the 8 samples span a smaller amount of time.  Also, the definition of 
best is the ones with the lowest round trip delay.  If the measurement 
is changing very rapidly it is likely to be due to variations in that 
delay, and the one have the lowest delay are likely to be the most 
accurate ones.

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