[ntp:questions] Offset Average (Normal)?

Alby VA albyva at empire.org
Mon Mar 12 20:46:13 UTC 2012

 If your offset is between -400 to +600 μs (microseconds), would you
consider that Good, Bad, or Average?
If it is less than Good, could something be tweaked to improve it?
ntp.conf changes? cable changes?
or I'm just SOL?


assID=0 status=0115 leap_none, sync_atomic, 1 event,
version="ntpd 4.2.6p5 at 1.2349-o Mon Feb 20 22:00:33 UTC 2012 (1)",
processor="amd64", system="FreeBSD/9.0-RELEASE", leap=00, stratum=1,
precision=-19, rootdelay=0.000, rootdisp=1.082, refid=PPS,
reftime=d308de90.7e20860b  Mon, Mar 12 2012 16:44:00.492,
clock=d308dec4.6a2aacac  Mon, Mar 12 2012 16:44:52.414, peer=9406,
mintc=3, offset=0.081, frequency=-24.987, sys_jitter=6.771,
clk_jitter=0.003, clk_wander=0.004

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