[ntp:questions] forcing ntpd to query from a restricted interface or subnet

Harlan Stenn stenn at ntp.org
Sun May 6 19:53:55 UTC 2012


> I am cross-posting this from the CentOS list - there have been plenty
> of views but no answers and I'm not sure exactly where to post...
> So I have CentOS 6 (x64) - apparently nptd "Ver. 4.2.4p8".

4.2.4 is Old - it was released in 2006 and became unsupported in 2009.

> My problem is that I have too many IPs for ntpd to do a listen on
> every one. So I tried restricting both with adding -I eth0 on the
> command line parameters (in /etc/sysconf/ntpd) and with the interface
> instruction in /etc/ntp.conf. Neither works, and ntpd refuses to
> start.

You want to use ntp-stable, 4.2.6, at least.  4.2.7 has been stable for
a while - we're waiting on some documentation system updates before we
release it as 4.2.8.


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