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David J Taylor david-taylor at blueyonder.co.uk.invalid
Wed May 9 06:34:48 UTC 2012

> I must admit I find NTP fascinating, depending on my mood.  About 20 
> years
> ago I had written something that attempted to measure the drift in my
> computer's clock based on daily *manual* settings while listening to WWV 
> or
> CHU.  Room temperature was the biggest factor.  I'm still interested in 
> the
> audio WWV and CHU reference clocks.  I don't own a GPS and I live in the
> boonies where the only internet connection is dialup.  I'm 57, retired,
> partially disabled, and I like programming.  I'm also a ham, but not 
> very
> active.  I've got a bio at http://www.qrz.com/db/ab1jx and a small 
> homepage
> at http://ab1jx.webs.com.
>   Alan


I would suggest you get a GPS if possible.  There are a number of low-cost 
devices now available, such as the Garmin GPS 18x LVC, and the Sure 
Electronics GPS Evaluation board.  I've used both, and they work very 
well, being sensitive enough to work with an indoor antenna on the top 
floor of a building.  The sure board is about US $35.  Both require a 
little soldering.  I've written up my experiments here:

GPS 18x LVC:

Sure board:

Good luck with your projects!

David GM8ARV

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