[ntp:questions] offline machines' time synchronization

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Wed May 23 21:55:50 UTC 2012

David Woolley wrote:
> BlackList wrote:
>> Add to both?:
>>  tos cohort 1 orphan 11
>>  restrict source nomodify
> If he's offline to the ubuntu server, won't that, effectively,
>  make both server lines redundant,
>  or does orphan require a token server.

If (#ip: can't reach ntp.ubuntu.com ever,
 having "server ntp.ubuntu.com" in the conf is obviously useless.

> One problem I see is that there is no guarantee which machine will
>  be the master in the relationship.


{He didn't mention using any automatic server discovery
  pool / manycast / multicast / broadcast / anycast / ... in his conf.}

If he is not using any Automatic Server Discovery,
 the (#ip: client conf,
  would need the "server" line ?

(#ip: doesn't know about (#ip:,
 if it ever gets to talk to "server ntp.ubuntu.com",
 so much the better; if not, it should chug along on its own.

(#ip: has "server" in the conf
 it should follow (#ip: {"the master"}

>> and start ntpd with?: -g

So, if when ntp is started,
 if the offset between the client (#ip:
  and server (#ip: exceeds the panic threshold,
   ntp will step the client #ip:
    to match the server (#ip:,
   instead of exiting.

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