[ntp:questions] What is the NTP recovery time from 16s step in GPSserver?

Charles Elliott elliott.ch at verizon.net
Mon Nov 5 12:57:39 UTC 2012

I went thru 5-6 Corsair power supplies (PSUs) of monotonically increasing
wattage, all of which Corsair replaced at the cost of one-way shipping.  I
could not figure out what was causing it, until finally an outage occurred
that fried the motherboard during the day when I happened to be home and
working. The lights dimmed and when the power came back up, the motherboard
was gone. 

In Pennsylvania, USA, we have "consumer choice": We can buy electricity from
any utility willing to sell it and having a permit to operate in
Pennsylvania.  So currently I buy from a utility in Texas, perhaps from some
coal-eating, CO2 belching monstrosity, and it is just wheeled across the
country.  In any case, when they switched in the wires to connect to a
foreign power source there was apparently some sort of new transient created
in the transmission lines that fried everything electronic in its path,
including my motherboard, and I hypothesize, the PSUs.

I have an "APC Back-UPS XS 1300G" that has a warranty for equipment electric
failure.  APC replaced the UPS, but denied the claim for the motherboard.
However, on appeal I was able to prove with actual data and logic that the
electrical transient that occurred must have caused the motherboard failure.
So, APC sent a check for $400, which was the replacement cost, not the
purchase price.  The process was not fast -- it took months -- but APC
finally lived up to its guarantee.

Now I have an expensive surge protector at the wall socket, the APC UPS
plugged in to that, and the PC plugged into the UPS.  Despite several
significant, observable electrical transients, I have had no computer
problems since installing the new surge protector.

There is meant to be a lesson (other than verbosity pays) here somewhere.

Charles Elliott

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> > I lost 7 x pcs Jun-Sept this year after local mains substation
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> Very sorry to hear about that David, a true pain!  Perhaps a chance to
> replace with some lower-power kit, though?
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