[ntp:questions] openntp and ntp.

David Woolley david at ex.djwhome.demon.invalid
Sun Sep 16 09:48:57 UTC 2012

samurai wrote:
> Hello, I'm trying openntp.
> What the command corresponding to ntpd -p?

I don't think that the openntp (more accurately open SNTP) people 
frequent here.

However, neither of the man pages referenced from 
http://www.openntpd.org/manual.html include the term "pid", so I suspect 
there is no such option.  Also, the files section doesn't mention a PID 
file, so it is possible that there is no such mechanism.

The makefile 
looks very simple, so I don't think there is any compile time option.

There doesn't seem to be a sample startup script.

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