[ntp:questions] Confused about pool rotation

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Wed Feb 6 22:14:42 UTC 2013

On 2/6/2013 1:45 PM, Robert Scott wrote:> Here is a related question: Suppose I wanted to
>  improve my SNTP implementation by accessing several
>  servers in a short span of time?
>   (But I don't want the full overhead of NTP.)
>  If DNS caching is returning the same address then
>   how can I get several independent servers from
>   the pool?
>  I don't think an iPhone app can turn off DNS caching
>   programmatically.

The DNS cache is not likely in the phone, but rather at the ISP end.

If whenever you want to check the time
 {If it has been at least a minute since the last check.}

Do a query for:

Each should return 4 A records, likely not overlapping.
 That should get you 12 to 16 IPs.

Then ask 4 of those IPs for the time, ...

I don't see the issue.

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