[ntp:questions] Confused about pool rotation

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Thu Feb 7 00:10:44 UTC 2013

Robert Scott wrote:
> You are wrong on several count.
> First, the app store keeps 30% of the price.
> And secondly my app sells for $300.
> I sell about one a day.
> I have two competitors whose apps sell for $599 and $999.
> In my niche market I am the low-cost provider.


Considering that iPhones, and android phones can sync with
 NTP servers just fine without an extra APP,
  and the SDKs have monotonic nanosecond timers already?

 I don't see how $300 can be considered low cost.

As Unruh pointed out, based on your questions,
 your use of NTP servers by your App,
 is apparently likely to result in less than optimum value?

What are you disciplining with the SNTP part of your App?

 and how is that better than what e.g. a iPhone does with the
  e.g. 4 ATT stratum 1 servers it queries?

 Not to mention phones with GPS, can get stratum 0 time
  right from the satellite, without the asymmetrical
  network latency.

 Cell towers are already synchronized with stratum one
  servers and / or GPS,  and usually contain stable oscillators
   e.g. rubidium, cesium, ...

  Cell towers can't do seamless handoffs for moving cell phones
   to adjacent towers without close synchronization.

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