[ntp:questions] What do these messages say about the passage of time?

Rick Jones rick.jones2 at hp.com
Fri Feb 8 02:17:02 UTC 2013

I've been informed by the folks with the ability to do a laying-on of
hands with this system have run an experiement where they disabled NTP
and indeed no longer see the 600 millisecond time shifts.

If there are indeed somewhat common 600 millisecond time steps,
doesn't that suggest that NTP is having rather a difficult time
getting time synchronized?

I've since looked at more of my packet trace and see instances of the
entries going backwards in time by 10s and even scores of seconds.  I
suspect there is a second thing going on there, particularly as what I
see is akin to:

Time.microsomethingelse back 20 seconds
Time.microstillelse back 20 seconds forward

That is, just the one entry in the packet capture log there is 20
seconds back from the ones before and after it.

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