[ntp:questions] NTP NMEA driver

Mischanko, Edward T Edward.Mischanko at arcelormittal.com
Fri Feb 15 21:30:22 UTC 2013

Version 3.80 of the firmware is available from Garmin here:


I usually run the current firmware unless it's contradicted by a bug of some sort.

> []
> > It was not an issue of stability, but of the notification of which
> > second.  It was coming out more than one second after the second it is
> > labeling. Germin was very resistant to correcting this, but after about
> > a year or two, they finally did correct it with new firmware as David
> > states below. I apparently left the impression that this was still true,
> > and, as long as you get new stock, it apparently is not true anymore.
> It's also not true if you take the very simple step of upgrading the
> firmware on an existing GPS 18x LVC, if it's not already at 3.70.
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