[ntp:questions] PPS only configuration

Richard B. Gilbert rgilbert88 at comcast.net
Wed Feb 20 20:17:54 UTC 2013

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BlackLists wrote:
> Rob wrote:
>> Actually, their posts are much easier to read for almost
>>   everyone, as amost every newsreader (except yours,
>>   apparently) will wrap their text into the space available.
>> The idea of sending every paragraph as a single line and
>>   then leave the formatting to the receiver was actually
>>   a very good idea.  It works better than having the sender
>>   wrap the lines, because the sender does not know what font
>>   the receiver uses, or the width of his window.
>> Sender-side wrapping was devised in the days that everyone
>>   had an 80 character wide screen, and already caused
>>   problems back then for those that had different screens.
> I think you have a lot of general netiquette guidelines
>    to submit suggested changes to then (almost all of them).
>   As well as Several STDs / RFCs / BCPs / FYIs,
>    (RFC5322, RFC1855 ?)
>   Then also get everyone to implement RFC3676
>     compliant senders and readers?
>    Then get people to use them.
>   Everyone might catch up about the time your great grandchildren
>    start complaining about the same topic.
>   Then again usenet was going to become unusable after
>    September 1993, unless within a month new users were
>     conforming to _existing_ usenet netiquette (like line length),
>      if not, then usenet would become unusable, and collapse ?

The Thunderbird Mail Client does NOT automagically insert line breaks
when the sender has failed to do so.  Fortunately, almost everyone
limits their line length to what will fit on most video terminals.

Thank you and please continue to limit your line length!

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