[ntp:questions] New years glitch?

s.schaefer.at.acm at gmail.com s.schaefer.at.acm at gmail.com
Tue Jan 1 06:12:17 UTC 2013

I'm using [0123].ntp.pool.org with my two internet accessing NTP servers.  I missed the ball drop on new years because I was trying to figure out why Nagios was complaining about my NTP servers dropping the two internet accessing daemons and prefering each other, resulting in higher and higher strata numbers.  My first reaction was to restart all these non-internet accessing daemons, assuming they'd reset to the two internet-accessing daemons, then honor the low stratum numbers and be sane.

Then I noticed my two internet accessing daemons were reporting that they were within milliseconds of their internet peers (multiple cnames sending them to a non-overlapping set of real servers), BUT almost exactly one second different from each other.  I first noticed this at a little after midnight, but it went away by about 00:40 - I don't have status logs to say exactly when.


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