[ntp:questions] p351 fails to build on MSVC++2008EE

Mischanko, Edward T Edward.Mischanko at arcelormittal.com
Fri Jan 25 17:05:30 UTC 2013


Thank you for your tireless work on this Windows issue.  Who updates autogen
and when is it expected? As a side note, the Meinberg release of the Windows
NTP port is excellent; thank you for this trouble free install.


> The fix for this problem consists of 2 parts:
> 1.) The source code which is generated by autogen under Linux or *BSD,
> but is also used under Windows, needs to allow some more control from
> within the config.h for the Windows port of ntpd. The next version of of
> autogen is going to allow this control. Until that version is out you
> have to patch the code temporarily.
> An other possible way would be to autogen these libopts files, then
> patch the generated files manually and submit the patched files to
> bitkeeper, so that the tar balls which are rolled out automatically will
> already provide the patched libopts files. I don't know, though,  if it
> is worth the effort to tweak the automated code management temporarily.
> 2.) NTP's config.h for the Windows port must provide the required
> definitions. This is what has been fixed in bug #2321, so once the next
> autogen version is available you will be able again to build the tar
> balls under Windows without having to modify the code first.
> Martin
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